A Forever Floral Gift Idea

If you want to warm the cockles of my heart, flowers are always a lovely gift.

My only complaint is they are gone to the compost too soon and if you are like me, you end up dealing with that gungy brown water at the bottom of your best (or only) vase ... and don't even get me started on my hayfever inflicted husband's complaints!!!

My Birth Flower Art Prints are a great compromise. They feature each months birth flowers and Zodiac Symbols.


Carnations & Snowdrop
Pink Carnations (love and appreciation), White Carnations (luck, love, and affection, Red Carnations (love and friendship).
Snowdrop (hope and rebirth).


Violet, Iris, and Primrose
Violets (faithful love, truth, loyalty, humility), Iris (hope, faith, passion, purity, and innocence),
Primrose (affection, young love, undying affection)


Daffodils (new beginnings, faithfulness, luck, prosperity, and hope)


Daisy & Sweet Pea
Daisy (purity, love, new beginnings, fertility, and motherhood). Sweet Pea (blissful pleasure, gratitude).


Lily of the Valley & Hawthorn
Lily of the Valley (romance, luck, happiness, purity, humility).
Hawthorn (hope, love, beauty, fertility, and supreme happiness).


Roses & Honeysuckle
Roses (love, passion, romance, purity, gratitude).
Honeysuckle (happiness and eternal love).


Larkspur & Water Lily
Larkspur (happiness, love); Water Lily (enlightenment, resurrection, purity, beauty, creation).


Gladiolus & Poppy
Gladiolus (integrity, honor, respect);
Poppy (remembrance, prosperity, enchantment, sympathy).


Aster & Morning Glory
Aster (faith, love, achievement, and wisdom);
Morning Glory (affection, intimate love, patience).


Marigolds & Cosmos
Marigolds (devotion, commitment);
Cosmos (harmony, love, innocence, beauty, modesty, joy, and balance).


Chrysanthemum & Peonies Chrysanthemum (friendship, love);
Peonies (romance, prosperity, good fortune, honor, and compassion)


Narcissus, Poinsettia, and Holly
Narcissus (innocence and purity);
Poinsettia (success, celebration);
Holly (happiness and optimism).

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