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As I've mentioned before, running a creative small business alone can be a little isolating.

That's why I signed up to be part of a Peer Group via @creativepowerhousesociety.

My amazing Peer Group is made up of 5 Australian Artists who, like myself, are trying to navigate their way through the art business world and find an avenue to leverage their artistic talents into a profitable income.

We support each others wins, missteps & share tips on manufacturing, marketing, social media and everything in between. Each of us are at different stages in our journey to success but we all bring something to the table.

It has been a real comfort to know I can "phone a friend" if I need advice.

So without further ado let me introduce you to my own personal brains trust >>>
 Tammy de Zilva
Tammy de Zilva is the Surface Pattern Designer behind Loopla - a Brisbane based business creating vibrant and playful designs with striking and eye catching colourways. Behind each lovingly created pattern is inspiration drawn from nature, everyday encounters, play with her son and her extensive travels.
Benita Tatters

Benita Tatters Design is based in Sunny Brisbane.

Benita has been a lover of fabric, colour and being a maker since a young age.

Learning crochet, knitting and sewing from her Nana, then attending stretch sewing classes with her mum gave her a good understanding of craft and sewing.

 Irene Tan

Irene Tan is the artist | illustrator behind the label Missy Minzy. This is the place where she gets to showcase what she loves creating and that makes her happy!

Irene has more than 20 years of professional working experience in various industries from graphic designer, advertising designer, illustrator, packaging designer and an animated GIF designer. Drawing and designing have always been part of her life. She loves creating things which make people smile!

Jacqueline Curry
Jacqueline Curry is a textile designer with many years of experience working as a weaver with mills all around the world. She has also taught both in Australia and the UK. As well as working in industry, she loves hands-on craft and is a key member in the Sydney 'From Rags to Rugs' Rug Hooking group as well as other textile groups and guilds.

She is a very passionate crafter who loves to inspire others to join in the fun of this old craft, recycling unwanted fabrics and making them into useable and creative artworks
As part of a "Getting To Know You" exercise we each asked the other members 3 questions.
Below are my questions and the answers each member gave >>>
 How do you go about finding manufacturers/suppliers
Tammy Google, networking with fellow creatives and artist communities
Benita I am doing Leverage your Art this year, so I am yet to explore this.
Irene The magic of Google. I trial and error suppliers and see who is more ideal/easy to work with.
Jacky I’m big on recommendations as you then really get a feel for what to expect. I also make a note of items I like when I’m in shops so even if I don’t know a manufacturer but like the packaging say, I will take a quick snap and file it away to refer to when I’m ready
 Which design/product of your own is your favourite & why?
Tammy  My tea towels are my favourite. I love any opportunity to add colour at home so being able to add some colourful funky tea towels to my kitchen and my customers is exciting!
Benita I don't have many products yet, so my tea towels are my favourite. I love the feel of the linen fabric, and I am amazed at how cool it is to see my patterns on them.
Irene Suncatchers are my latest favourite products. I love the fact that it brings people joy when they see a rainbow shining through the window/door.
Jacky For spd I really like my most graphic bold work but I as I am trained in constructed textile design am really drawn to tactility so really like the designs of mine that have a 3 dimension quality- so some of my woven throws that I really like - I would love to find a supplier who could make them for me.
What do you do to get yourself out of a design/productivity slump?
Tammy  I love looking through photos from my travels or going somewhere on adventure. I also try to take the pressure off and do something creative just for myself, whether it’s trying something different or watching an online class in learning a new technique
Benita I struggle with my health a lot which means I need to sleep more than anyone else I know. So I have more time to think and plan what I want to create than I have to make it
Irene I would do non-creative related activities. Such as going for a walk or a run. A look-see shopping may help at times.
Jacky If I have a creative block it’s usually because I’m tired - so firstly get more rest then a great way to get motivated is to just get out lots of colours - I collect paint chips, fabric samples, embroidery threads etc and sort them into all reds, blues etc then I raid these bags of colours & put together colour groups - sometimes having a palette to work with really triggers design ideas
 To learn more about each peer group member and read their burning questions  Click the images below to >>

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  • What a great story, lovely to meet you all and all the best with your businesses. Fantastic to see women supporting creative artists.


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