Spoonflower & Growing My Audience

Hello! Me again . . .

So you can get to know me & my work a little more, I thought I would tell you about each platform that you can find my designs on,  other than KOOSHTI.com.au.

Being an Independent Artist is challenging. I don't have endless funds to manufacture & purchase stock in a huge variety of products and quantities but . . . I'm a creative,  which means I loooooove to have fun applying my designs to lots of different items. This is where POD (Print on Demand) companies like Spoonflower, are a dream come true. 


I upload a design, promote it on social media & Spoonflower does the rest! This has allowed me to offer my designs on Fabric, Wallpaper, Home Decor & Bedding without a huge financial outlay on my part.

I'm having a lot of fun creating coordinated collections. It's allowing me to hone my skills & taking my designs straight to my customers and open up new audiences like the sewing, crafting & quilting communities. In fact only this week a lovely sewing enthusiast reached out to me on social media with a bespoke request and in less that an hour I had tweaked one of my existing designs to her specifications.

So keep a look out for NEW products appearing in my KOOSHTI store.
If it's made of fabric . . . it's probably come from my Spoonflower store!

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