With A Little Help From My Friends

Being a one women creative show can be pretty lonely and most often I feel like I'm blindly bumping into opportunites but probably missing more along the way.

zipper pouches from kooshti by lisa jayne murray

Of course, I have wonderful family & friends around who are amazing cheerleaders but if I want to talk about the nitty gritty of this creative business I needed some like minded peeps.

Enter Lockdown in Melbourne!

Now this may seem like the opposite of what I might need to connect with my fellow Independent Artist community but in fact this was the jumping off point to what has become my new creative family.

Whilst I sat trawling through Instagram in those loooooong home schooling hours an ad popped up for "Leverage Your Art Through Art Licensing with Stacie Bloomfield"

I'd heard of this mystical unicorn called "Art Licensing" but didn't really know what it was or how to learn about it. Enter Mama Stacie! Through this course (and this is not an ad) I've not only learnt a lot about how the business of art is done but also how many paths are open to me. I also connected with a flock of magical artists who are not gatekeeping the secret to success but open about their struggles, their wins and everything in between.

We cheer each other on, share tips, hear from industry movers & shakers about their journey to achieving their own goals. I know . . . it sounds a bit WooWoo borderline cultish but it's not. 

 kooshti by lisajayne murray
At the end of the course I was so invigorated I decided to join the Leverage Alumni Group - Creative Powerhouse Society and it's through this I connected with my wonderful Peer Group.

In my next post I'll introduce you to my new Peer Group, their work, how they started & how, like me,  they hope their business will evolve. Stay Tuned

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